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I provide the convenience of exercising in your own home; I can bring the gym to you or use your own equipment. My services include: tracking fat loss, creating a strength
building and cardio exercise plan, provide nutritional guidance, measure your progress
and fitness assessment.. I look forward to helping you reach your goals and build
confidence through a healthy new lifestyle. You will find that my rates are very fair and reasonable compared to gyms and other local trainers.

$60 for 1 hour private session

$35 for 2 person(s) session

$30 for 3 or more

I also offer an energetic, high intensity boot camp! Exercises focus on building endurance,
strength, and overall body toning. Join today, and for every friend that joins boot camp, you will receive 10% off your next private session.

Contact Kathy or call 215-327-6054


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